I’m going to look at the pictures that I can open the most of the sky!

Hello, we’re Siwon System.
Did you all have a delicious lunch? Let me tell you a secret.
I had such a good lunch today. I’m unbuttoning and sitting down.
You’ve all experienced this at least once, right?
There are so many delicious foods in the world and dieting always starts tomorrow.
Today, I’m going to collect only pictures of sky learning that I really, really like!
I’m going to look at pictures where the light leaking out is pretty or where I can open the sky between them! Shall we watch it together?

White Skyning
It tastes just like this! When the sun shines through the white, it feels like you’re filled with energy.
It feels like I’m taking vitamins day by day that I don’t need a multivitamin.
If I were you, I would always leave open except when it rains or snows.
Because it’s pretty and so on.

Black Skyning
What did he eat to show off his chic and sophisticated beauty?
Not only the sky but also the night view seems to have been added.
Straight frame and sturdy columns.
It’s a black skylight that goes really well with brown bricks and decks.

You’ve seen several sky-learning doctors, how do you feel?
The bare sky and the bare night view are beautiful, but you can find other beauty in the view and view of sky learning.
In addition to beauty, Skyning is a structure that is faithful to its function, so it is highly regarded for its utilization.
I think I always see this picture once a day! That’s how I get some peace of mind?
I hope you’ll get some 파고라 healing from my photos. I’ll say goodbye now!

I’ll see you next time.

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