As its name says, skyning that can be adjusted with levers.

Let me introduce you to the Three Musketeers of Outdoor Solutions.
The first one is Pagora, the second Sunroom, and the third one is sunroom.
I’ve told you several times about the Pagora and the Sun Room.
Today, I’ll learn more about the youngest’s skyning.
Both Fargara and Sunroom Skyning.
It was introduced in European architecture.
Of course, in the case of Pagora, the traditional pavilion of Korea is
It’s a similar building.
Skyning is an expression used in our country.
a facility that literally covers the sky
You just have to understand it.
So the general public has a lot of sunroom and skyning.
It’s confusing. That’s actually what it is.
If you add an anning to the sun room, it becomes a sun room and sky anning
Skyning is divided by shape.
Shall we find out by type?
Straight line and arch shape
It’s a design that’s used a lot for the type of wall installation.

You can see a lot of straight lines in the commercial area.
In case of arches, it’s like a bus stop.
It’s a common design.
The advantage of both designs is that they can take advantage of the narrow space.
It goes well with any building.
The above picture shows the passageway between the department store dong and dong.
It’s an example of a skylining straight line.
To match the existing image of the building.
It’s a magnificent skyning.
The beauty of skyning is that it’s like a sun roof.
It can be opened and closed.

Domes and Kentilever are straight variations.
Construction Site of Asan Sun Gate
with a beautiful design on the dome ceiling
It’s a fancy skyning.
Isn’t it wonderful?
These days, even ordinary houses are not designed to be standardized.
I prefer different designs than others.
Among them, a dome-shaped roof is the one that is spotlighted.
So I’m going to make a terrace or attic roof into a dome.
This is how dome-shaped skyning works.
It’s on the rise.
The Kendilever, like its name, is a lever-adjustable type.
I’m talking about skyning.
It’s a shame that I can’t show you moving videos in pictures.
Please be satisfied with the picture only.
It looks like this.
It’s a straight-line design that can be adjusted.
It’s skyning.
This design is especially preferred in commercial areas.
Mainly in front of open clothing stores
This is a facility that is installed a lot at the entrance of the department store.
Plaza Straight Plaza Arch Type
It is a highly utilized Pagora in a large space.
a highway rest area hospital parking lot
It is a design that is installed a lot in a large space.

In addition to the six types we’ve introduced,
Skyning’s transformation is endless.
The architects and architects of the architects.
How to use space that shows creativity.

I want to know the creativity of our Korean people.
He’s always amazed by his technical 파고라 skills.
Obviously, the aid is not us.
If we make it, we’ll go beyond aid.
I’m so proud of my excellence.

Every building we live in right now.
It’s obviously from the West.
It seeps naturally at some point.
The most Korean and sensual
I see them transformed into those things.
The most Korean is the most global.
It’s just a small facility by faith.
Korean and world-renowned
I will try to make such a system.
I’ve become a sentimental personally.
I hope today’s posting was very helpful.
I’ll come back with better information.

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