I used to carry the song I wanted to hear through iTunes.

iPod Nano 3rd generation.

When the phone’s earphone’s terminal disappeared,
I don’t know why I suddenly miss this kid who has to put in a string of earphones.

In my second year of middle school, the iPod was very popular in my class.
Some used iPod Classic, while others used the iPod Nano 3rd generation.

My third generation of iPod nano was black, which my mom bought at the duty-free shop was black.
There was no black sale, so I brought it in silver with Apple’s sensitivity.

At that time, I watched a drama with Kimura Takuya on this small screen.
Now I’m wondering how I saw such a tiny dark screen with such tiny little subtitles.Maybe that’s why his eyes got worse.
However, this wheel feels great and I like the shape and proportion of the right rectangle.

I got this from a carrot, and what’s interesting is,
There are about a hundred songs in it, and there are quite a few 토렌트 songs I listened to at that time.
Seo In-young writes love and calls it pain. There is also Bad Girl Good Girl from Miss A, and Seo Young-eun also contains this beggarly word from Jung-yeop.
Every time the song goes over, oh yeah!!! I’ve heard this song a lot, and I’m like…
It definitely feels different from listening to these old songs on current smart devices.

Maybe it’s because the time when I used this MP3 player is very limited.
So from 2007 to 2011? It’s been about 10 years.
Since then, the smartphone has replaced the MP3 player.

At that time, if you search Naver well, you can download the song with titles such as lyrics/down/listening to music.
So I searched Soribada and Naver Torrent hard and put the song I wanted to listen to through iTunes.
Of course, those songs had very bad sound quality. Later, I used Melon download.
Also, I bought my favorite album (Epik High’s fourth album, Jewelry’s fifth album) myself, rip it from my computer, put the whole album in my iPod, and paste the lyrics.
And I can give stars to each song, so I keep listening to my favorite songs.
It was really good to listen to music because there were 25 songs that I played a lot.

I have listened to podcasts since then, and I listened to many Cultwo shows while solving math problems.

I just feel like I suddenly missed all this.
I miss the world and the sky when I was in middle school.
I don’t know if this is how adults find LPs.

The battery’s going to be deplete, and I’ve got an 8-gigabyte cell phone right now.
What a satisfying purchase!

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