The purple belt is the third class of the jiujitsu belt.

What is the strongest martial art among martial arts?
If you’re good at martial arts, you’ll all know.
If you’re a mma player, you’ll learn from the basics.
Wouldn’t it be “Joo Jisoo” who is very practical?
Today, we’re going to start with the characteristics of jujitsu.
Let me explain the order of the belts.

column of jiu jiujitsu section
The Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJ) is a Brazilian martial art based on the induction of a Japanese robber who moves to an advantageous position in a battle with his bare hands, and aims to defeat his opponent with joint, tightening, and pressing. It is called Gracie Jujitsu, a Brazilian yusul.

Jujitsu can overpower people with strong power by using body structure and movement with little force.
The FBI says Jou Jisoo is the only martial arts that women can beat men, and many government organizations have taught her to be a basic subject.
It is being adopted and is said to be very practical.

The basic root of jujitsu is induction. It was the beginning of Judo Maeda Mitsuyo’s teaching in Brazil, who was the first student of Chigoro Kano, the founder of the Robbery Judo. Mitsuyo Maeda moved to Brazil and naturally developed into Jiujitsu in Brazil by transferring the skills learned through actual fighting and the skills of Japanese Yusul, the prototype of Japanese judo, to the Gracie family.
Jujitsu, who first started with the Gracie family, such as Carlos Gracie and Elio Gracie of Brazil, is known as the “Jiujitsu” in Brazil.
The Gracie family gained huge popularity through the actual fighting, and in 1993, Hoyler Gracie, based on Jiu-Jitsu, won the first UFC competition, making his name known to the U.S. and the world.

Jiujitsu Belt
What I’m going to 주짓수 explain now is…
This is the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) adult regulation standard.

If you look at the belt, you’ll see the black fabric surrounding it.
My name is Peretta. The black Preta means a student, and the leader uses a red Preta.
There’s a white stripe around this freeta.
It’s called “grau,” and if these four are filled,
You will be able to acquire the next band.
Regular examinations are conducted based on training time, attitude, and skills, and if the examination passes, the examiner will be placed on the student belt.
Wrap the gral around.
The IBJJF officially announced that up to four gral can be reached.
This lineage system only applies before the black belt, and the stripes that run from the black belt mark “Dan.”

IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation) Requirements This is an overview of the common time between the belts.

From the white belt.
The average time to reach the blue belt is 2-3 years, with 4-5 years for purple belts, 7-8 years for brown belts, and 10-11 years for black belts.

White Belt
White Belt
The white belt is the first belt you release when you enter Jiu-Jitsu. The Jiujitsu white belt learns basic movements, submission, etc.
By conventional standards, it takes about two years to get out of the white belt, and the period may be shortened depending on your skills or past athletic experience.

Blue Belt
Blue Belt
The blue belt is the second class of the jiujitsu belt.
From the white belt to the blue belt, IBJJF states that you must train for at least two years.
It’s usually two years from blue belt to purple belt.
If the skills and skills required by each belt are good, the promotion will be faster depending on the person in charge.
I can let you do it.

Purple Belt
Purple belt
The purple belt is the third class of the jiujitsu belt.
The Purple Belt to the Brown Belt takes two to five years, but it can also take more depending on the individual’s skill or skill level, depending on the decision of the promoter.
You can get a raise faster.
Brown Belt

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