hard-working with anger management.
I’m posting about you guys.

Meeting with junior Jiu-Jitsu! Hyunsoo, hi!

I have a younger brother whom I like these days.

Hyun-soo, who is an Italian chef and a jiujitsu official.

It’s him!

He looks like an older brother than me, but he’s a younger brother who asks me anything when he’s having a hard time.

Today, Hyun-soo and I will have a meal and talk about the gym.
I’m craving for Aliolio today. I had a good breakfast, so I ordered one of these.

I asked for a lot.

Hyun-soo also ordered a pasta and ate it with me what I did alone.

Yeah, I’ll treat you today. It’s kind of weird for you to treat me at your store.

But while I was in the bathroom, all the bills were paid… Hyun-soo, thank you for the meal. Next time, I’ll shoot you in advance and go to the bathroom.

It’s not delicious because it’s my brother’s restaurant. It’s really delicious.

People in Bundang, you should go to Kitchen A.
Hyun-soo’s gym master is looking at serving.

That’s why I like the atmosphere!

A female employee would be nice, too.
If I drink coffee after eating, I can chat for 3 hours!

Let’s cheer up each other.

You must be harder than I am.

The rent’s out of the two armies.

Cheer up, Hyun-soo!

I’ll see you next time and call you when I need you!

Every Friday, we’re going to have a no-gi-ju index.
professionally taught
Gwangju Gwangsan-gu Cool Gym
Today as well,
hard-working with anger management.
I’m posting about you guys.

Coach Trent’s class begins.
Our members, who are watching closely.
Coach Trent said,
I’ve always worked out a class routine before class.
Preparedness to study and come back
Perfect coach.

He gave me a leglock class on this day.
You can play leglock on a variety of guards.
He told us how to do it.
Get to the members who are struggling.
a friendly and direct reminder
Everybody’s trying, asking if it’s hard.
Enthusiastic members of class
I learned a lot of leglocks on this day.
Sparring started a little late. Dudung

The leglocks I gave you on this day.
Trents that look like they’really.
Eunsung, who is training hard.
They have similar styles, close friends Young-sun and Jung-ho.
Leglock, right before we hang each other.
Young-sun, who is good at Inverted Guard,
Trent from River X’s Road to 주짓수 Honeyhol Street.
Jung-ho is in a unique mount position
Nice Triangle Catch
Deep Halfguard Young-sun,
This is the leglock I learned today.
That’s about two hours.
End of class like seminar
I’m looking forward to next week.

Oh, my God, Corona. All the gyms are in a state of emergency.
I’m trying to protect you from quarantine.
Nice gym quarantine is really…
He’s taking good care of course.

Virus sterilizer through Cesco.
Air purifier quarantine all through Cesco.
We’re working on it. I’m relieved.
There’s more to it’s more.
to this extent
There won’t be a gym.

It’s expensive equipment, but it’s a big investment.
I bought a full-body sterilizer.
At the entrance of the gym.
At the gym, the whole body…
So that it can be disinfected.
I’m doing it.

Of course, it’s harmless.
Don’t forget.
So for the next posting,
I’m going to do my best to practice jujitsu.

Tim Grizzly x Overlimit Gwangju Cool Gym
We’re looking for someone who wants to join us in jiujitsu.

It’s a life-long hobby of your own.
Anyone can easily and pleasantly guide Jutsu.

Direct Map of Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt Leader
Korea Sports Council Certified Leaders & Gymnasium
Gwangju’s only judge with experience.
Mine District Colour Belt Most Gyms
Color belt discount, monthly income discount,
a gym with a lot of discounts, such as discounts for public officials
The number of times I’ve been in the gym.
Gym with weekend class, morning class, and late night class

Free rental and free experience for daily clothing
Your parents are free if you have children.

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