90 minutes is so short that it feels so short

Hello! This week is really long because of last week’s holiday. But it’s a weekend I’ve been waiting for a day, so please try harder!I came here with a massage in advance because I thought this week would feel very long. I definitely feel like I’m getting a massage on weekdays and I feel like I’m getting a lot better and a lot of tension the next day. This massage shop is really a healing restaurant, so I thought you would like it if you get it.

The Snow Shop I visited is located a minute’s walk from Gongdeok Station, and if you come by subway, you can find it right in front of the station. I went by car, but I was able to park free of charge at the Aroma Massage Shop, so I was able to visit comfortably without any inconvenience.

The Mapo Massage Shop was open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. If your phone is off, it’s a random shutdown or a deadline, so I think you should refer to it. Also, if the reservation time is over 10 minutes, the reservation will be canceled automatically, so if you have any changes, you should contact us in advance!

The aroma massage shop was a modern feeling, not a massage shop, but I feel like I’m at a cafe. The interior that can look hard is made by large and small pots all over the place, which is quite different from the massage shop I think. They say young people are coming. I thought I knew why.

He gave me a nice, fragrant welcome. I gave you a warm lemongrass tea, but I felt that the fresh aroma and taste made my head clear. The weather was really cold on the day I visited the Mapo Aroma Massage Shop. It was a day when the wind was blowing so hard that the runny nose flowed even if I was outside for a while, so a warm cup of tea was more nice than other times.

I was drinking tea and I asked a little because there were not too many customers, but the Mapo Massage Shop is booked so that the customer’s movement does not overlap because of Corona. In fact, I should be careful about the prevention, but encountering others is also very nervous. I did not overlap the lines, so I felt like I was being treated alone and I was able to be managed comfortably.

I listened to the program explanation to pick up the management to receive this time while eating tea and snacks. Swedish full body care 90 minutes > 100,000 won, Romeromi full body care 60 minutes > 100,000 won, 90 minutes > 130,000 won. The Mapo Aroma Massage Shop was a place where you could get waxing. There were also packages A (Sweedish Therapy 60 minutes + Waxing Introduction) of 140,000 won, package B (Wedish Therapy 60 minutes + Waxing Introduction) of 160,000 won, package C (Sweedish Therapy 60 minutes + Waxing Introduction) of 180,000 won, which can be received at the same time, 70,000 won for beginner, 90,000 won for intermediate, and 110,000 won for high quality. …

I usually get waxing periodically, but I have not been given it yet, so I decided not to take waxing this time, and this place is also famous for Mapo Swedish Massage Shop, so I chose Swedish Course. I was really good at it. I had a handmade offer. I decided to take the course, so I was already looking forward to managing it.

I stopped by the bathroom before I went to the dressing room. The bathroom at the Aroma Massage Shop was very clean. I liked it very much because it was perfect in terms of facilities.
There were some care suits that were cleaned up by size, and the Mapo Massage Shop was washed and sterilized directly without leaving it to the laundry company. I was convinced that it was a place that cared a lot about cleanliness. There was plenty of locker space, so it was perfect for storing luggage.

I wanted to get a foot bath quickly, so I changed into a light management suit and ran right away, and you prepared snacks, drinks and tea for me to eat while I was in a foot bath. I didn’t know what to like, so I felt like I was ready. I was a little impressed by the sense of the Mapo Aroma Massage Shop.

First, the Korean massage manager of Mapo cleaned my feet cleanly. I am a little sorry to have to twist 부천건마 without knowing it because I am not tickling well. I laughed nicely and I was able to get comfortable with the light smile that you said it was okay.

He put me in a blue foot bath. Every time I swung my feet, I felt a soft scent and a calming feeling. I was able to relax and enjoy footbathing at the Aroma Massage Shop after putting down the stress and troubles I had received during that time.

I came to the room after finishing the footbath, but the room was hot. There was air conditioner in each room at Mapo Massage Shop, but the heater was also so hot that it was perfect for me who was cold.
First, you started with a light scalp massage. Aroma massage manager is a good person who knows blood, so it was cool wherever he pressed. I felt my head clear and I felt stressful.
I was usually uncomfortable with my neck, but the Mapo Aroma massage manager focused on it. At first, it hurts so much, I could not touch it well, but the more I received the care, the more I felt it was solved.

I had a lot of aroma massages that made me feel so short for 90 minutes, and I always felt a pout when I turned my neck from side to side, but I was as refreshed as when. I could feel the skill of the Mapo massage manager.

The Aroma Massage Shop has all the products that can shower, so I took a shower comfortably ~
After the management was over, I finished with a warm car, so I felt comfortable inside. If you want a refreshing massage, why don’t you go to the Mapo Aroma Massage Shop?

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