I am very curious what shopping you a picture I showed you.

I think the weather has gotten a lot warmer this week. I think spring weather will come soon!

I think I often wear comfortable training clothes in spring. I’m looking at magazines and buying clothes while looking at the clothes worn by celebrities on TV.

If you keep looking at it, it seems like the trend is going around, so I think it’s right to just buy clothes that you like.

Only luxury brands have changed, and the design seems to be similar.

I’m paying for it, but I want to buy it in luxury style and feel luxurious style!

I think I usually relieve stress from working by shopping.

I think I usually buy a lot of clothes every time I get paid, but since Corona is getting worse these days, I haven’t been going out, so I’ve been living on the Internet.

I wanted to have at least one windbreaker 레플리카 because it’s good to wear in spring!

Products with hairy can be worn only in winter, but products without hairy can be worn only in winter.

I decided to buy it because I could wear a lot of clothes in the winter and take care of the warmth.

There were more than one or two nice clothes. I put them in my shopping cart and they cost me more than 200,000 won.

It wasn’t too much of a burden because I bought a lot once!

I’ve prepared the upcoming spring clothes in advance.~

I often buy items such as luxury goods and clothes through overseas direct purchase. Overseas direct purchase is closer than ever.

Especially for luxury brands, if you use overseas direct purchase, you can buy them at a lower price, and we often have luxury sales.

Also, you can buy designs and colors that don’t come into Korea, so many people want to start buying overseas.

It’s cumbersome to calculate the price of the government-run tax, and there are so many overseas direct purchase sites that handle luxury goods, so it’s complicated to go in and compare the prices one by one.

But it’s true that I’m worried if it’s genuine because I’m using a luxury goods proxy.

Even if you haven’t done a lot of overseas direct purchases, you can easily do it (you don’t have to sign up for each site).

I’d like to introduce a catch fashion that doesn’t worry about fake products.

It’s easier than the purchasing agency, but it’s definitely authentic, so you can get a price merit for overseas direct purchase.
Slex and jeans are easy to wear as daily look, so they’re easy to wear on your way to work!

The overall satisfaction level of the clothing product is high, and I think I’m using it steadily where I’m using it rather than looking for other places.

I was wondering where the luxury brand of réplica is often worn by men who know a lot about.

I think there’s a whole bunch of men’s réplica. I’m going to use it when I work.

I bought a briefcase. It’s Prada’s briefcase.

But there’s a lot of places to use, and there aren’t as many people as I thought using Leplica.

There are a lot of people who don’t know.

If you look it up and use it, I think you can use it with great satisfaction!

It’s the partners of Catch Fashion. If you’re interested in overseas direct purchase, luxury direct purchase, and luxury sale, you’ll probably know about one or two sites.

I also use Sense, Myteresa, Papezzi, Netaporte, Yux, etc.

In Catch Fashion, 24S, Tessabit, Essence, Myteresa, Match Fashion, Papetch, Sakspibs Avenue, Neta Forte

We have partners such as Yux, LN-CC, Habinichols, Selfridge, and Saksoff Peeps 🙂

Especially, if you use Catch Fashion’s catch purchase, you can shop more reasonably luxury goods!

If I were to buy it at an offline store, I would have just bought it if the size fits well and the design fits.

I bought it online, so I paid more attention to the detail size.

I can buy one size at a time, and if I have to exchange it, I’m too lazy.

You must have been very curious about where you shop. If you click on the picture I showed you,

We’re heading to the mall!

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